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Tycoon Sports Mobility Golf Scooter

The latest MY 2016 AZ 36 Tycoon sports mobility scooter uses state of the art technologies to advance scooter performance to a level not seen before. New powdered sintered gear set greatly improves efficiency. The worlds best 36volt Hi Torque rare earth motor delivers stunning torque that does not give up. Advanced lightweight magnesium chassis and carbon fibre body shaves weight and increases strength. This is a technology only now being used by the best car makers. World class technology that has marched forward Electric vehicle  design by a huge amount.

Independent Rear Suspension. Accent drive shafts. Rubber Bushed dual control arms. Adjustable Coil spring over hydraulic shock absorbers. Smooth Riding and more stable

Now standard with Parillium Rims. World leading quality

Swiss made Curtis Electronic throttle. The Quality in scooter electronics. Dual circuit electrics for rock solid long term reliability.  

image of a usa patent
       USA  Patent

New World Record  89.5klm on a mere 55ah Batteries 
Tycoon AZ36 fitted with low cost 55ah Batteries achieves 89.5klm in the latest ISO testing round. Stunning. This is now the worlds most effiecient small electric vehicle by a mile. Real Technology Really works.

There is a huge choice of batteries from any and every local supplier that will perform well. Discuss your needs with your dealer. The scooter will perform great with most as long as they are for deep cycle use. For most users the Panasonic 28ah LCXC represents a good choice. Light (10kgs) with good life. For more extreme or commercial use larger batteries can have greater range. Batteries are at additional cost as per your choice.

Any and All Battery options can work:
   Some suggestions are
Century Yuasa C12-55DA AGM Amazing Range. A little heavy at 18kgs each
Panasonic LCXC28ah AGM  Easy to lift 10 kg each. Good Range and Very Good life
U1 Deep Cycle from a variety of Suppliers. Low Cost Option. Good Range. Good Life
40 amp deep cycle from a variety of Suppliers. Medium Cost. Great Range. Good Life
Maximum size battery is 245mm x 150mm.
image of a tycoon rear section
Latest technology Sintered Forged gear set with Accent drive shafts.

Precision Parillium Mag Wheels and CNC Machined Hubs  

One of the worlds great motors with the most torque and greatest efficiency

Plus so much more. The Tycoon is renowned as an Engineering Masterpiece

The Tycoon is a High Tech precision piece of equipment with similar tolerances and assemblies to a Racing Formula Car. Serviceable by any competent mechanical person.


image of a tycoon rear carbon fiber guard
Seat              6.8 kgs
Seat Post        .7 kgs
Tiller              2.5 kgs
Floor tray       4.6 kgs
Front              9.5 kgs
Bag Carrier    1.5 kgs
Rear Drive   25.2 kgs
Length             1325mm
Width                 770mm
Wheelbase        970mm
Track Front        585mm
Track rear          645mm Clearance          100mm
Capacity suggested 145kgs
70 amps at        36volts
Speed               13kph
Range Iso test       89klm
Range suggested  32klm
Climb Rate        1:4

Driving amps     9 ah
Super Turf Tires   13"

3 hp Rare Earth Motor
AZ31 Magnesium Chassis
Light Carbon Fiber Body
One Piece Parillium Rims

Curtis Controller and Electronics
Rubber Bushed Dual wishbones
Fully Adjustable to users weight
Unique click together design
Supplied with 9" bag carrier
Capacity is a guide only. Greater weight may be carried in mild terrain and less weight in much more severe terrain. Range is given as a guide only. Theoretical range max can be achieved under ISO test conditions. Suggested maximum range is usual for an average user in typical urban terrain when new. Scooter and battery type, age and condition will have an effect. Weight and terrain can greatly effect scooter capacity and maximum range. Some golf courses can represent severe conditions. Assembled in China   Components from Australia USA Germany Taiwan Switzerland Japan Specifications subject to change without notice E. & O.E.