Tycoon Pieces

      See why the Tycoon has a cult following.   Real Technology Really Works

Quite possibly the worlds most advanced small Electric vehicle

Fits in the boot of most cars.  30 seconds to easily dismantle

Four years in development the Carbon Fibre Tycoon is the new standard in sports mobility golf scooters worldwide. Glide along the fairways and pathways with speed and grace. Roam acreage and paddocks. Or take it for a trip to the local shops. Fully independent rear suspension adjustable for ride comfort. Power up slopes effortlessly using an extra efficient and high torque rare earth motor. Now in its 2nd Generation the Tycoon has been it the field since 2009. And the lower priced wet cell batteries are lasting even better than forecast. Durability and reliability have been first rate. 

In 25 years of doing business exclusively in small electric vehicles this is the first Golf Mobility Scooter that we have ever put our name to and with very good reason. It is not like anything previous. The limitations of the older designs have been overcome by the use of real technology. The Tycoon has proven to be a new class of electric vehicle.

New MY2014 in stores Now. Stunning Quality and finish. Amazing Durability

Parillium Rims now as standard equipment. Soon to be seen on some of the worlds best supercars. An English invention first used on the Tycoon. Superb

AZ31 Magnesium Chassis. Developed right here in Australia by the CSIRO this material is 5 times stronger than steel and half the weight of Aluminium. Amazing!

Compressed Powder Sintered gear set. Latest technolgy as used by German car manufacturers. Far less power loss, smooth operation and lifetime service.

More power,  Greater battery Life, Smoother Operation. The best just got better.

Big demand for 2nd Hand Tycoons. Be amazed at how little it might cost to upgrade to the latest model. We are ready to make you an offfer you can't refuse.

Join our band of proud Tycoon owners  100% Australian Owned and Designed

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New AZ36 Model due October 2014

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