First I combine the sliced onion, sliced tomatoes and salt on the bench to evenly distribute the salt. Then I put this into a 7 litre pot and a 4 litre pot to stand covered overnight. The next day I combine all into the 7L pot.

Bring to the boil. Add 1.5kg sugar and 1 bottle EZY SAUCE
Simmer uncovered for 2 hours. Stir and scrap the bottom of the saucepan with a large wooden scrapper to prevent burning and sticking on the bottom without turning the mixture to a mush.

Combine mustard powder, curry powder, cornflour and tumeric with water to make a smooth paste. Add to the pot in small amounts, stirring in quickly. Stir with the large scrapper to combine.

Cook for a further 10 minutes. Carefully fill into the hot sterilized bottles and seal.

To sterilize the bottles and caps, wash in a dishwasher, then scold with boiling water and heat in a 140° oven to dry. Fill hot bottles with hot mixture, wipe and clean the rim and thread and cap tightly immediately.

Over the years I have added in lots of different pickling items and they all work. I have adjusted spices. A bit of ground ginger works. Recently I made a batch with 12 jalapeno chillies and 2kg of cauliflower with 3.5kg of tomatoes and it was great. Bit of heat and texture. But I still think the original Wild's recipe is the best.

Fresh buttered bread, sliced leg ham and green tomato pickles. Be amazed at how good a sandwich can be. Or try this innovative snack. Warm bread roll, sliced marinated kangaroo fillet slow roasted, green tomato pickles and a cheese sauce. Unbelievably good.
5.5 kg green tomatoes, sliced
2 kg white onions, sliced
1/2 cup salt (scant)

1.5kg sugar

1 bottle 370ml Wild's EZY SAUCE

1 tablespoon mustard powder
1 tablespoon curry powder
1 tablespoon cornflour
2 teaspoons tumeric

Optional: Substitute up to 2 kg of tomatoes with the same amount of cauliflower. But add the cauliflower in small flowerettes in the last 30 mins of cooking time.

Wilds EZY sauce is not always available so substitute Vinegar, and a pickle spice mix with extra cloves. Use a spice bag when using a pickle mix.

This is a recipe that came from a distant relatives farm in Tarago in circa 1980. I would visit once a year and leave with half a dozen jars. She commented that even her children didn't visit that often. I guess they just didn't appreciate a good pickle. In the mid 1980,s she went into a nursing home and no more pickles. I extracted her secret recipe and it turns out it wasn't so secret. Her base was Wild's EZY Sauce and home grown tomatoes. I have made it every year since.

The EZY sauce has a strong clove flavour that really is good.

I grow the tomatoes myself. They will keep green in the bottom of the refrigerator in brown paper bags while you grow the correct amount. Clean and dry after picking. Check regularly and discard any that start to rot or turn red.
Green Tomato Pickles

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